Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I-CAT Updates Starting This Afternoon 4/20/11

Ok folks, after several delays, we are FINALLY going to start updating the content and new features of the Iowa Curriculum Alignment Toolkit (I-CAT) after 5:00 pm today, April 20th, 2011. Here is what that means for you, if you are a current or aspiring I-CAT user:

1. After 5:00 pm today, we need to you not log into the I-CAT. Things will be changing and looking different, and may need some on-the-fly changing. If you are in there, things get complicated and messy for all of us.

2. Unless otherwise notified, you should be able to begin using the I-CAT tomorrow morning by 9:00 am.

3. There will likely be small cosmetic changes to the I-CAT after 9:00 am tomorrow morning. Not to worry. You can be in the I-CAT while these happen.

More detailed information and resources will be available here on this blog and elsewhere in the coming week about the exciting changes to the I-CAT. So stay tuned here, and/or follow me on Twitter (@bniebling) and the I-CAT hashtag (#ICATAlign).


  1. Brad,

    I have teachers doing the 7th grade literacy now. There are no selection boxes for Standard 9, Reading for Informational Texts; Standard 10, Reading for Literary AND Informational Texts; and Standard 9, 10a and 10b in Writing.

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